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Related media release survey data,

According CNZZ latest data show that the number of e-commerce site has reached 15,600, more than 50% of the enterprises to build e-commerce site.
    According to the related media release survey data, 2009, online shopping has reached 108 million subscribers, the annual growth of 45.9%, online shopping usage continues to rise, now stands at 28.1%. At the same time monitoring According to CNNIC, China's online shopping market in 2009 reached 250 billion deal size, double the increase over 2008 (2008, China's online shopping market's turnover reached 128.18 billion yuan). Only the first half of 2009, the amount of the national network of shopping and spending a total of 119.52 billion yuan. The hot network market has attracted many businesses and individuals began to enter the "network operators" of the ranks.

     Low barriers to entry into the trend-line shop
     As we all know, the Internet is very low barriers to entry. Similarly, attached to Internet e-commerce is no barriers to entry high. Low threshold to enter the e-commerce, so that many entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial team has achieved the dream stage, more and more entrepreneurs in the huge market potential that network, it begins to choose the direction of e-commerce as a business. The shop is a typical business model, as long as there is supply, understand the basic operation of shop, you can open for business; popular now joined a generation of delivery mode, eliminating the need for more inventory risk, precisely because online shop for capital investment, personnel requirements into low, so shop business in this highly sought after model, has become a trend, a new trend, many white-collar workers, students, housewives, have opened a network shop.
     Not just individuals, associations, COFCO, the United States and other such well-known companies have opened shop on the Internet. According to incomplete statistics, since September 2008, the new shop every day more than 5,000.
     Meanwhile, in the international financial crisis after having such a phenomenon: there have been foreign workers through e-commerce platform to start a business, because many foreign buyers to reduce procurement costs and risks, have increased the proportion of procurement through electronic commerce, which Wal-Mart is such a big lack of "sellers", which will undoubtedly become a foreign entrepreneur's opportunity.

     Promote employment, entrepreneurship network of two representatives to encourage entrepreneurship
     Employment is the Thing, this year China's employment situation remains very serious, in the recently held two sessions, a number of CPPCC members attending the meeting on the proposal, the government should increase policy support for Internet businesses, web entrepreneurship to create jobs.
NPC Standing Committee, Democratic National Construction Association Central Committee Vice Chairman, Professor Gu Shengzu economist said: "The network business has a multiplier effect. One open shop, you can drive 3.8 jobs." According to his information of the end of last year, Taobao has created a total of 808,800 jobs, driven by logistics, payment and marketing chain of 2,305,100 jobs.
      Gu Shengzu that the government should start to bring the network into the employment statistics of employment within the system, and actively explore and innovate shop business license system, platform and network to network business entrepreneurs to give tax incentives. Wherever conditions permit, should be established primarily for e-commerce start-ups Pioneer Park, on the admission of entrepreneurs to give the rent, tax and other concessions.
NPC, NPC deputy director of Hangzhou in Huida also suggested the government should increase efforts to support, in particular, to encourage farmers to open shop, and bring more people together around the business.
      In the meantime, Jianmin central newspaper delivery of the "China Democratic National Construction Association Central Committee on entrepreneurship policy system to further improve the proposal" that the current network for the individual entrepreneur, the entrepreneur has a low threshold, administered by the flexible, transaction security, market prospects and other advantages, while direct employment and effectively stimulate the employment related industries. Hopes to increase the network's policy to support employment efforts to vigorously promote entrepreneurship and employment.

     Network environment is ripe when the network start
The rapid development of e-commerce, not only ripening the domestic network market has driven the development of e-commerce service providers, so easy way to shop online, and diverse.
Five years ago, just the development of domestic e-commerce, we can only shop online Taobao, eBay, and other such big pat on the implementation platform, open shop-style are basically the same, not very different. Perhaps some people will choose to build their own independent online store, but an independent e-commerce platform to build the cost prohibitively high, businesses and individuals can not generally affordable. Today, Taobao launched Pu, Consumer Protection and other personalized services. Can make their own personalized dress shop, is no longer a unified style of the former kind. These personalized services to make their own shop different, stand out. In order to support the individual shop, Taobao, pat shop also still free to implement the policy.
Now, online shop, and not just limited to the platform, and as people's awareness of the brand, set up an independent shop in lower costs, more and more owners choose to build their own independent shop, which also led to the rapid development of e-commerce service providers, some of the high-quality independent shop system born out of these programs for the majority of network providers to provide a lot of helping policy, the author with the largest network of distribution channels, online shop service providers to do the next describes Hishop example.
Hishop development has created since 2002, has become well known brands, as most close to the user's service provider, they are helping to implement the industry's largest. In 2006, Hishop business model into the program will be free of charge, service charges. Will be owned independent shop free for network operators to use, reducing the threshold to enter the industry, an independent shop, this business model still in use. After that, it introduced such as "business set sail," "Tiger VIP" series online shop service packages offer activities, add a force to promote e-commerce development. It is reported that recently launched a "spring" program, the shop's services substantially none, to the New Year to make a good head, each built by Hishop network operators an independent shop, $ 400 cash gift will be given a red envelope.
Right now, online shopping has become one of the ways the mainstream consumer, shop like this network to support numerous activities, ranging from several hundred dollars to more than a few thousand dollars to open their own shop, network operators The team is also growing, according to iResearch survey data showed that nearly two years, the proportion of users who shop more than 50%, accounting for an annual increase of 30% shop around. I believe the government's strong support in Taobao, Hishop good business helping other under, there will be more friends through the network to solve the employment problem in their own career success, while creating jobs for others

Release date:2013/04/15
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